Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This Week I Will Read My Mail

What a crazy week. I don’t have time for much and couldn’t figure out what to write about when I noticed my accumulation of environmental mail. Since I’ve started this blog I’ve been slowly adding organizations that I want to hear from. I’m interested on keeping up with the environmental news; new research and findings, political updates and ideas for fighting climate change. Some organizations send a newsletter once a month, some send email almost every day. At first I would inspect each piece, gleaning what I could and feeling guilty if I didn’t take the advised actions. Lately, I barely get a chance to read anything and feel guilty about that. Well, I really need to catch up, so I will prioritize my inbox and this week I will read my mail.

What I Currently Get
Union of Concerned Scientists

The Nature Conservancy

To learn about their campaigns against deforestation in the US and Canada and get updates got to http://forestethics.org/about-us

The City of Pleasanton’s Climate Action Plan
If you live in Pleasanton California you may not even know we have a plan. If you want to get updates subscribe here: http://www.pleasantongreenscene.org/contact
And check out the homepage for more information. http://www.pleasantongreenscene.org/

Register to receive updates here: http://www.jnf.org/

In addition, I try to keep up with new news in magazines and books and on podcasts, but I’m sticking with the mail this week!

“Tikkun Olam” means, in its most basic form, repairing the world. It is an ancient term from long before we worried about carbon emissions or mercury in our fish. It promotes the idea that we are the stewards of our planet and we that must be constant and vigilant in our responsibility. And not only must we take care of the Earth and seas and creatures, but we have to fix what is broken. And this is our job for as long as we are on this planet.

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