Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Not Using Plastic Bags is Going

So, the very first day I had a bag dilemma. I bought a flat of strawberries at the farmers market and the only way to keep them from getting squished by the other vegetables in my canvas bag was to keep them together in a plastic bag. The grower, bag in hand, thought I was nuts as I stood there unable to decide what to do with my strawberries. Then I got home and in the mail was a catalog I actually wanted to get. Neatly sealed in a plastic bag. I’m okay with a messy catalog. I’m not leaving it out on the coffee table for guests. But I don’t get any say in the matter except to cancel it, which I’m loath to do since I need this pristine supply catalog for my business. Then I got to work, which led to another bag debacle. I was designing and making earrings when I started to accumulate a tiny plastic mountain of itty-bitty Ziplocs. All of my jewelry components are shipped to me in very, very small plastic bags. And once I use up the supplies the bags get tossed. Over the following days I’ve been presented with one bag crisis after another. It seems like my whole life is wrapped in plastic. I’ve been good about taking my own bags with me for all my shopping, and I’ve stayed away from all but the most necessary plastic wrapped food staples, but it’s been impossible to avoid plastics bags like I’d hoped.

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