Monday, November 8, 2010

This Week I Will Drive Less -- Monday Update

Day 3

Well, this really is harder than I thought. Saturday I planned to get up nice and early and walk to Peet’s with whoever was up. But no one wanted to walk with me. And Scott was taking the car anyway, because he had errands to run after coffee. Okay, well that’s sort of carpooling, right? At least I would take my reusable coffee cup and not make trash. At Peet’s they passed my cute insulated cup along for my latte and made my latte in a paper cup. Then they offered to pour it in my cup for me. Hmmm. Okay, there were still things I could do. I would go home and get my bike ready for next week. I keep it in pretty good shape, so I just needed to dig it out, find my basket for carrying stuff and pump the tires. I finally got to my bike this morning, couldn’t find the basket and my pump wasn’t working. I put the bike back in the garage and got to work.

What I did do was walk to school today, which I usually do, and passed on all errands until I was going out for school pick up. Not much, but  boy am I aware of every mile I drive! I’ll try again tomorrow and aim to get out on my bike.

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